Congratulations, Graduates! Have Senior Portrait Questions? We’re Here to Help…

Q. How do I get ready for my session?

A. Before we help prepare you for your senior pictures, let us give you an idea of what to expect from your senior portrait session!

Q. What is a session?

A. You will have a variety of session options; select the session that best fits you! Review the Senior Portrait Session Choices page.

Q. What type of session should I choose?

A. Once you have reviewed the session options, you will have an idea of what session you would like to select. All senior portrait sessions include your formal yearbook image that will appear in the senior section of your yearbook.

Q. What about my photo for the yearbook?

A. SWI provides your formal yearbook attire. All sessions include the formal yearbook portrait that will be submitted to the senior section of your yearbook.

Guys: Bring or wear a white undershirt to wear under the tux.

Ladies: Bring along a cami tank-top to wear under the drape. We have pearl necklaces that you can wear or bring along your favorite necklace.

Q. What should I bring to my session?

A. It is all about you. Bring anything that shows off your personality and hobbies. Props can include athletic uniforms and equipment, and musical instruments. One outfit for each style is always a good starting point. Check out our online senior gallery for ideas of what to wear for your chosen styles. SWI Photography provides the formal attire. Don’t worry about bringing drapes or tuxedos; we provide them. Guys should bring a solid white t-shirt to wear underneath, and girls should bring a tank top or spaghetti strap top.

Q. Do I need to bring my own cap & gown?

A. Cap and Gown portraits are photographed later in the school year.

Q. When should I book my session?

A. SWI Photographers will send you an appointment letter with your confirmed date and time. Appointment Letters are mailed to your home two weeks before your appointment.

Q. How do I change my appointment?

A. If the date and time provided on your appointment letter does not fit into your schedule, go to and click on seniors.

Q. Are there tips to help make my pictures better?

A. Pay attention to the little details!

Glasses:  If you wear glasses, if you can get a similar pair without lenses in.  Glare from glasses is difficult to remove.
Tan Lines/Sunburn:  Ladies, the formal drape is off your shoulders, avoid suntan lines. Try not to get sunburned, we want you to look and feel your best!
Clothing:  Select your outfits.  Iron/put on hangers.  Include corresponding accessories & jewelry (include in a ziplock bag) on each hanger.
Props:  Gather & Clean your props. Musical instruments, awards, letterman jackets, sports equipment.
Ladies:  Practice your hair and makeup! Bring makeup and hair products for touch-ups. Paint your nails the night before your appointment or have them done professionally.
Guys:  If you are someone that shaves, shave the day of your session. Get your hair cut about a week or so before your appointment.

Q. What’s included in my session fee?

A. All sessions fees include:  Formal yearbook portrait session with formal yearbook attire.  Multiple images photographed.  Printed previews and ordering information mailed to your home within 4-5 weeks.  Retouching of yearbook image and providing formatted for yearbook.  SWI makes every effort to have the image you select submitted for yearbook publication.  A portion of your session fee is retained by the school. Printed portraits can be ordered at a later date.

Q. What if I still have questions?

A. Give us a call Monday-Friday at 352-378-8411 or 800-226-0453 or email us at, we are here to help!

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