Alachua County Public schools plan to use yearbook photos for one of our graduation celebrations. Every graduate should be featured with as much consistency as possible. We have already received the images for students who were photographed for the yearbook, however we still have a lot of graduates with no yearbook image. If you did not get your picture taken for the
yearbook, we are partnering with SWI Photography to have this service provided for you at no cost.

May 11th, 12th & 13th ONLY

Only students who have not been photographed for the yearbook previously are eligible for this service.

SWI Photography is not open to the public currently.
An appointment must be scheduled for graduates to be photographed.

Precautionary measures will be taken by the SWI Photography staff to meet the CDC Guidelines:
• SWI employees will be wearing masks and gloves.
• Alachua County Emergency Order 2020-21, and any new amendments will be observed by SWI.
• Please adhere to the appointment time.
• Only the student will be allowed into the building, no guests.
• Students will come in the front entrance that leads directly to the studio.
• Students will exit a separate door, so that two students do not cross paths.
• Dressing Rooms will be closed, so arrive dressed for pictures. A mirror will be provided for last-minute checks.
• Any item that the previous student comes in touch with will be sanitized for the incoming student.

Under current conditions, SWI Photo will not be able to provide formal wear for pictures, therefore students must be wearing their own clothes. Please follow the dress code below to the best of your abilities.

A mask or face covering are required to be worn as you enter the building and at all times, except while being photographed.

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