Congratulations! Soon you will be the new Senior Class at your School. SWI Photographers is your official yearbook photographer. One of the first responsibilities of being a senior is having your portraits photographed for the senior section of your yearbook.

You choose your session! Choose your portrait session that offers multiple background and clothing changes to create the most unique senior portraits.

Ladies: For your Official Senior Portrait: Please bring or wear a tank top for the formal drape portraits. Tan lines will show, so please avoid them as much as possible. Coordinate your outfits from head to toe for the casual/personality style portraits. You might show your nails in some photographs. Try to avoid drastic changes before being photographed. Come camera ready and dressed in your favorite outfit for your first casual portrait session.

Gentlemen: For your Official Senior Portrait: You will be provided the tuxedo shirt, bow-tie and jacket. Have your hair cut a few days before your appointment to avoid that “fresh cut” look. Make sure you are clean-shaven(if you shave). Please bring a t-shirt (preferable white with limited writing and/or graphics). For additional personality portraits, bring an extra shirt, sweater, or sports jersey and any props you wish. Please come dressed in an outfit for your first casual portrait session.

Everyone: Remember a tan is nice but too much sun can cause redness and peeling. If you wear glasses we suggest that you are photographed both with and without your glasses. Some of the images will not work well with the lenses in your glasses, so if you have the lenses taken out, or if you can use frames without lenses you will get a better variety of printable images.

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*SWI Photographers reserves the right to select your yearbook pose in order to meet your schools yearbook deadline date.

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